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NEVSKY FILTER масляные фильтры - сухая лаборатория. Интересное видео, объясняющее многое. Комментарий генерального директора завода "Невский фильтр" Д. И. Савенок.

Невский Фильтр, история заводов

Производство салонных фильтров

Производство воздушных фильтров

Цех штамповки. Производство комплектующих к фильтрам.

Покраска корпусов и маркировка фильтров

Тест на воздухопроницаемость

Сборка масляных фильтров

Производство заготовок к корпусным фильтрам

Производство Невский фильтр - ЧПУ машина

Производство топливных фильтров

Производство масляных фильтров

Завод "Невский фильтр"

Салонные фильтры НЕВСКИЙ ФИЛЬТР - сделано в России

Салонные фильтры НЕВСКИЙ ФИЛЬТР (рекламный ролик 10 сек.)

Раскатно-вытяжной станок с ЧПУ

НЕВСКИЙ ФИЛЬТР - доверяйте своим! (10 сек.)

НЕВСКИЙ ФИЛЬТР - доверяйте своим! (20 сек.)

Салонные фильтры

Завод "Невский фильтр"

Nevsky Filter Plant Все пресс-релизы

Leading manufacturer of filters and filter elements!

Nevsky Filter Production and Commercial Company, CJSCis a leading-edge Russian manufacturer of filters and filter elements founded in St. Petersburg in 1997.

Nevsky Filter is the only company in Russia to offer a complete range of oilfuelair and cabin filters (1500 items).

Our product offering includes:

- filters for passenger cars of Russian manufacture;

- filters for passenger cars of foreign manufacture;

- filters for trucks and buses of Russian manufacture;

- filters for trucks and buses of foreign manufacture;

- filters for tractors and combine harvesters of Russian manufacture;

- filters for combine harvesters of foreign manufacture;

- filters for road construction and quarry machinery of Russian manufacture;

- filters for road construction machinery of foreign manufacture;

- filter elements for hydraulic fluids (Regotmas type);

- filter elements for rail locomotives and watercraft;

- filters for gas and gasoline systems;

- filters for building ventilation and air conditioning systems;

- filters for the chemical industry and petrochemical facilities;

- filters for industrial machine tool equipment;

- filters for FZA type aircraft and helicopter refueling units.


The company holds a number of patents and quality certificates for the entire range of its products. The manufacturing facilities are certified under the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System. All products are manufactured from high-quality raw materials using high-tech equipment. All galvanized steel, polyurethane foam components and filter paper undergo a mandatory incoming inspection while finished product quality is monitored by the plant laboratory.High-quality filter paper is supplied to Nevsky Filter Plant by our own Filter MaterialsFactory which is also a member of Rollman Group PLC. This gives us a definite advantage in terms of filter and filter element quality control.

The company’s development strategy focuses on continuous quality improvement and expansion of the product range. Today the filters marketed under the Nevsky Filter® brand offer an excellent price-performance ratio compared to other Russian and foreign manufacturers.


Our competitive advantages include:

- the widest range of filters and filter elements among the Russian manufacturers;

- the lowest prices for high-quality products;

- improved consumer properties of our products;

- direct supply of filter paper from our own Filter Materials Factory;

- high-tech, state-of-the-art equipment;

- minimum number of personnel operating the production lines;

- low electric power consumption;

- highly skilled specialists;

- deferral of payment for 30 days for long-term partners.

To buy Nevsky Filter® filters and filter elements, call: 8 (812) 401-68-11, 8 (812) 401-68-10.

You can also contact us by e-mail: mail@nevsky-filter.ru

Call us now for a quotation!

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