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Салонные фильтры НЕВСКИЙ ФИЛЬТР - сделано в России

Салонные фильтры НЕВСКИЙ ФИЛЬТР (рекламный ролик 10 сек.)

Раскатно-вытяжной станок с ЧПУ

НЕВСКИЙ ФИЛЬТР - доверяйте своим! (10 сек.)

НЕВСКИЙ ФИЛЬТР - доверяйте своим! (20 сек.)

Салонные фильтры

Завод "Невский фильтр"

Fuel Filters Все пресс-релизы

State-of-the-art equipment, used at the Nevsky Filter Plant, allows us to manufacture a wide range of fuel filters for fuel-injected and carbureted passenger car engines as well as head fuel filters and filter elements for diesel trucks.

What makes Nevsky Filter fuel filters a superior choice:

 ■ Fuel filters for fuel-injected engines eliminate 98% of impurities.

 ■ High-quality thread ensures leak-tight fuel line connection.

 ■ Excellent performance.

 ■ Filter body is coated with special polymer paint.

 ■ All surfaces have corrosion-resistant coating.

 ■ Plastic fuel filters for fuel-injected engines are made of glass-filled polyamide and can withstand the pressure of 25 atm.

 ■ Filters feature a soldered screen and increased filtering area.

 ■ Individual packaging.

 ■ Filters for carbureted engines are made of heat-resistant polyamide.

 ■  All products are certified.

 ■ All filters have been tested by the Research Institute (NAMI).