Крупнейший фильтровальный завод в России

Cabin Filters Все пресс-релизы

Nevsky Filter is the only company in Russia to offer cabin filters of any size for vehicles of Russian and foreign manufacture produced on two manufacturing lines: KARL RABOFSKY GMBH (Germany) and Oskar Corporation (Korea). We are continuously expanding our product range of Nevsky Filter® cabin filters. 

What makes Nevsky Filter cabin filters a superior choice:

 ■ Guaranteed high filtering degree.

 ■ Use of fine-fibrous, non-allergic material.

 ■ Material is pre-treated with an antibacterial agent to protect it against bacteria and fungi.

 ■   Filters feature reduced air flow resistance, and are suitable for operation in high-dust road conditions.

 ■  Individual packaging.

 ■ All products are certified.

 ■ All filters have been tested by the Research Institute (NAMI).