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NEVSKY FILTER масляные фильтры - сухая лаборатория. Интересное видео, объясняющее многое. Комментарий генерального директора завода "Невский фильтр" Д. И. Савенок.

Невский Фильтр, история заводов

Производство салонных фильтров

Производство воздушных фильтров

Цех штамповки. Производство комплектующих к фильтрам.

Покраска корпусов и маркировка фильтров

Тест на воздухопроницаемость

Сборка масляных фильтров

Производство заготовок к корпусным фильтрам

Производство Невский фильтр - ЧПУ машина

Производство топливных фильтров

Производство масляных фильтров

Завод "Невский фильтр"

Салонные фильтры НЕВСКИЙ ФИЛЬТР - сделано в России

Салонные фильтры НЕВСКИЙ ФИЛЬТР (рекламный ролик 10 сек.)

Раскатно-вытяжной станок с ЧПУ

НЕВСКИЙ ФИЛЬТР - доверяйте своим! (10 сек.)

НЕВСКИЙ ФИЛЬТР - доверяйте своим! (20 сек.)

Салонные фильтры

Завод "Невский фильтр"

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Nevsky Filter Plant is the leading Russian manufacturer of automotive filters and filter elements for passenger cars and trucks. The company is a member of Rollman Group PLC, the only industrial holding in Russia specializing in manufacturing of filters and filter elements.

Nevsky Filter Production and Commercial Company, CJSC was founded in 1997 in St. Petersburg – the second largest economic center in Russia after Moscow. As with many other successful business projects, the idea to establish an automotive filter manufacturing enterprise was driven by the powerful potential and enthusiasm of people with a clear vision of the company’s business and development prospects. We have been focused on steady growth rather than quick profit from the very beginning. Over time, the company expanded and increased its production capacity.

Today Nevsky Filter Plant is a well-established company with extensive production capabilities. We are the leading manufacturer of a wide range of air, oil, fuel and cabin filters in the Russian market. Cutting-edge technologies and highly skilled personnel enable us to manufacture over 1500 product items, including filters for all types of Russian and foreign motor vehicles, agricultural machinery, rail locomotives and sea and river craft as well as industrial filters, hydraulic filters etc.

The plant was designed by international specialists and built in line with the latest developments in mechanical engineering. The engineers from the Western countries stayed in St. Petersburg with their families on a permanent basis for several years. This provided a powerful technological and innovative momentum for the company, allowing Nevsky Filter to quickly become the quality leader in the industry.

The Nevsky Filter Plantis housed in heated buildings with the total floor area of 11,500 m2. The plant consists of 6 assembly shops as well as a number of blank preparation and auxiliary shops, including: stamping shop, welding shop, drawing shop, machine shop, painting shop, spring winding shop, corrugation section, rubber products section, adhesive and mix preparation section, tool shop, carpentry shop, storage facilities, and test laboratory.

Today the plant uses the most advanced process equipment from the leading Japanese, German, Italian and Korean manufacturers enabling a highly efficient manufacturing process.Filters are assembled on automated lines with minimum manual labor in compliance with the European quality standards. All our products are tailored to the Russian operating environment.

We have our own engineering center to develop world-class innovative materials and filter elements. The finished filters are continuously tested in our laboratory to determine how efficiently the filtering material absorbs the harmful impurities contained in the fuel, oil or air. The PALAS-2000 test rig of German manufacture is used to monitor the quality of the filter paper. We also place an emphasis on adhering to the best production practices.Our shops have over 11,000 square meters of special anti-dust polyurethane flooring.

The company’s specialists regularly undertake training courses and internship abroad.

In 2010, Nevsky Filter Plant was certified under the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System. While we believe this certification to be a well-deserved result of our efforts to improve our quality management system, we do not view it as the ultimate point of development, but rather as an incentive for further improvement. The company’s management intends to continue pursuing a strict quality control policy while relying on the best practices, cutting-edge technologies and an innovative approach to manufacturing of automotive products.

When building our global operations, we strive not only to meet the customers’ expectations, but also to predict their future needs taking into consideration the industry trends. We aggressively expand our market presence and seek new customers by emphasizing our competitive advantages. Over the years, we have achieved excellent results both in terms of production development and our relationships with the partners, which is a testament to continuously increasing confidence of our customers in the Nevsky Filter®brand.

Our key partners include:

  • Minsk Motor Plant Unitary Enterprise
  • JSC Russian Railways (including Sapsan)
  • Dzerzhinsky Joint Stock Company “Research and Production Corporation “UralVagonZavod”
  • Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant – URALTRAC
  •  Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
  •  UAZ
  •  Ulyanovsk motor plant
  •  JSC Peterburgsky Traktorny Zavod
  •  Commercial vehicles – GAZ Group 

We supply our products to customers throughout Russia as well as in Germany, the Baltic States, Syria and other countries within the CIS and beyond

In 2012 Nevsky Filter Production and Commercial Company, CJSCbecame a member of Rollman Group PLC, a company publicly listed at the Moscow Exchange since December 19, 2012. We are the only manufacturer of filters and filter elements represented at the Exchange. Our shareholders include a number of well-known funds and investment companies.

Over the years of operation, we have proven our ability to consolidate our efforts and direct them at achieving our goals. One of those goals is to continue developing the plant by cutting production costs, improving the quality and expanding the product range to remain competitive both in the domestic and international market. Efficient implementation of business programs allows us to feel confident about the future, enabling our company to compete on equal terms with the leading global manufacturers of filters and filter elements.

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