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08.12.15Nevsky Filter Plant Begins Mass Production of Fuel Filters Equipped with a Magnet

The NF-2003m filter is suitable for most carbureted car engines of Russian and foreign manufacture, and is attached to standard fuel pipes using metal clamps.

The filter has a flexible configuration that allows connecting it to both horizontal and vertical pipelines.

The body of the NF-2003m fuel filter is made of transparent plastic and has a sediment tank for solid particles filtered out of the fuel passing through the filter.

The fine filter element is made of high-quality corrugated filter paper that traps even the smallest particles, preventing them from entering the fuel injection system and the combustion chamber.

The NF-2003m filter features two magnets that facilitate trapping of solid particles (steel dust and chips) and prevent clogging of the fine filter element.

Minimum wholesale price of the NF-2003m filter is 34.20 RUB.

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